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The New Version of the Game is Aviable Now.

What is New?

  • Items are Reworked and Added
  • Hitpoints of the Monsters are Fixed
  • Dungeons are now more like a Dungeon (Light effekts)
  • Some Maps are Reworked (The Celestial Watch Tower, some Houses and more)
  • Day/Night System are Added
  • Bugs in the First Dungeon, the Wood and the Door Bugs are Fixed
  • You can see the Name of the NPCs, if you talk with them
  • a Questlog is now Aviable
  • One New City, the Harbor with New NPCs and some Informations
  • I Delete the Turtorial

I'm still working on some things, the translation, new quest and Custom NPCs, but
I'm happy to be able to write that there will be a sequel.
The Dragons of Elion - The Forgotten Ruins.

The New City will be a major way to jump into a new adventure. For now, I hope you keep telling me bugs so that I can fix them.

One last thing.
I have decided to unlock the possibility of donating for the game.
I also want to let you know why.
Several times a year I visit 2 to 3 shelters in the area, which depend on donations and bring food. Every week I walk at least once with one of the animals.
Everything donated for this game goes to these shelters.
Therefore, do not feel compelled to donate, I am also happy if you play the game for free and give me a feedback. I want to develop the game with you. Fun in the game and creating a game is still in the foreground.

best regards


Dragons of Elion - The Book of Dragons.rar 136 MB
Dec 28, 2017

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