Bugfixes and Edits

I have Reworked the Maps, so that there is a feeling of more life in the Game.

After Dragons of Elion is my first Game, i got back to work after the closing Date of the Contest, to bring more dynamic to the Game.

There are so many great possibilities that i didnt exploit (also because of the Time and my experience).

Thats why i have read a lot Turtorial, learned a lot and found some great things, that will fit well into the Game.

First of all, i add the Day and Night System and i also had the courage to use a plugin to create some good light effects. (Is a better feeling, walking in a dark and old dungeon, wich IS dark and there are only a few Torchs who spend a bit light)

I also fixed the Doors for the Tower, the Citys and i fixed the Translation.

What i want to do in the future (well i already work on it):

  • Rework the Items, add some More Weapons, Armor and jewels.
  • Rework Monsters, add some "special" Monsters in the Dungeon.
  • Well, with the Day/Night system ingame, i will rework the NPCs too. They should get more life, more authentic.
  • The Adveturer Guild offers some Quest and i will rework the Rewards.

Thats my first Goals and i will reach them until End of Year.

Yes, for some this is a long Time and they can do more for sure, but i think for me, better take my time and do it right, before i need to spend much more time to fix the things, that dont work like they should do it.

In 2 Weeks (3rd or 4th december i think) i upload a new version of the Game and i am looking forward to read some comments about it.

Greetings Trivi


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Oct 30, 2017

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